Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Story of a Housewife and a full time college student.

So normally I would be very caught up with my blogs and other school work by now if it was 2 years ago. But its not. Ive been lacking a much amount of time this semester. Im not making excuses or atleast i hope im not. I've been very busy with my son who is about 5 months now, a husband who works all day, and crazy in-laws. I havnt been able to do much because something always come up or about when im trying to sit and do things. My son loves to stay awake pretty much all day now and wont let me leave his side (nor do i want to because he's curious and loves to get into the guinea pigs cage). I have to clean up after my husband and do house chores so my in-laws dont say anything about me "slacking off" or call me "lazy". And by the time im able to feed myself its already 9pm (I get up at 330am everyday to help my husband go off to work). And at this time im exaughsted. ive tried staying up late enough to do things and going to campus. but nothings helping. Any advise?